Traveling To Los Angeles

This is a week of firsts.  It will be my first time in LA and I am excited.  I have spent time in San Francisco, Seattle, but have never spent time in Southern California.  My group has arranged a Los Angeles Charter Bus which is also a first- as I have never rented a BUS before.  Rented a Ford Focus, yup.  Rented a convertible mustang, yes sir.  Never rented a friggin bus.

Fingers crossed everything works out.  I am used to being a free spirit and driving my own car.  But it will be nice not to have to worry about any details.  Just get on and ride.  Truth be told, we picked em after we saw a YouTube video.

Wish me luck and if I see George Clooney I will write the next update from Lake Como.  🙂


Well darn.  No Clooney yet.  And I am off to head north – still in Cali to meet up with Dennis Stutes.  Excited.

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