About Me

Having lived in the Great Lakes State for most of my life, moving to the East Coast was an exciting time.  However, after having been here for 10 years I can freely admit that I miss Michigan.  It is no longer home but it is a place where I am able to find great peace.

Although, when February hits I am quite glad to be where I am and not bracing the 5 degree temperatures.

I had planned to write more but today is a little tough as my roof is leaking.  We have an old townhouse with a flat roof and it is leaking a bit.  I will need to find a dc flat roof guy but haven’t started the search yet.

UGH!  I will have to continue this later.

So, I have learned a lot more about roofs than I ever thought I would know. Apparently roofs are sized based on a measurement called squares. So, I have a roughly 8 square roof that needs replacement. It seems to be 100 sqft = 1 square.

Fortunately, I found a dc flat roof company who has been helping me out to understand the process and after 3 other estimates it is time to get it done. Did I mention that I hate home improvement. Nothing gets me more frustrated than waiting at home for a contractor who is going to arrive between 12-2–only to still be waiting at 2:30. So, wish me luck on getting the roof done.

Also, I had no idea how much there is to see in Washington.  Now that the weather is so nice I have been spending time exploring.  It is endless.  So many museums, so much to see and do.  Another good source for DC is here.  OMG this is totally me.